Cool Travel Ideas For The Summer

1.Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto is a Caribbean tropical island that is different from many other similar islands. The majority of the beaches there are in areas that are undeveloped, so it is less touristy than many places. These beaches are beautiful, clean, and full of natural flora and animals, with waters that are extremely clear and white sands along a beautiful shore.

The bay there is also bioluminescent, which means it glows in the dark. This bay is protected and tourists can’t enter the waters because it could ruin this effect due to chemicals like sunscreen or other skin lotions. However, you can still marvel in this natural and beautiful sight.

2. Waterfalls of South America

There are also many beautiful waterfalls you can go visit in South America. Five of the most spectacular include:

Iguazu Falls. This is located at the Argentina and Brazil borders and is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It can be accessed on either side and is split between the two.
Angel Falls. This is in Venezuela and is the tallest waterfall on Earth. It is 3,212 feet high and the water falls down 2,648 feet to the bottom. It has both a straight shot and a cascading waterfall in it. It’s hard to get to because of its jungle location, but can be flown over in a plane.
Kaieteur Falls. This is in the north area of the country in Guyanaa and is one of the most powerful of the world’s waterfalls. It falls 700 feet as it cascades downward. Many tourists see it every year.
Yumbilla Falls. Yumbilla Falls is in Peru, and is the 5th biggest waterfall on earth. It is 3,000 feet tall and has an interesting tiered plunge to the bottom.
Cuquenan Falls. This is also very high, but isn’t a very strong waterfall. It is the second tallest waterfall in Venezuela and is also in an isolated area so is usually viewed from the air.

3. Toronto

You may be surprised, but Toronto is actually a great place to visit in the summertime – its also conveniently, really close to NYC =), and I can actually bring my great Dane along on vacation for a change. Toronto is the social, entertainment, and monetary capital of Canada. It features more than 120 food specialty vendors, as well as great shopping and lots of outdoor things to do like hiking, boating, freshwater fishing in the great lakes and more. Art lovers enjoy the art galleries and museums too. Plus the hotels are considered a good deal pricewise as they haven’t raised the rates tremendously over the past year or so as of 2013.

These are my destinations for the coming summer, what are yours?