Cats: A Flea Trap

Cat distemper is very contagious. However, it cannot be passed to human beings. A cat will contract this virus as soon as it comes into contact with contaminated stool from another infected cat. This virus is very hardy and can still remain in the environment and therefore if we suspect our cats to have died of feline Panleukopenia it is good that we disinfect the whole area before bringing in a new pet cat.

This virus is not airborne and also cannot be transmitted by insects. We can however transmit the virus through contaminated objects and also from our shoes. Cats are known to groom each other and when they virus comes into contact with their fur it can be ingested when the cat preens itself. Most of the kittens have shown to be immune to the virus probably because they still get immunity from the mother’s milk, which helps them quite a lot. When they mature however, they are likely to die from the virus when exposed. This virus is not a threat any more as they is a vaccine that is injected to kittens and they end up developing a natural immunity against the virus.

Fleas are common to both cats and dogs. They are more likely to attack in hot weather season that in cold. When your cat constantly nibbles and licks its fur you will notice that there will be tiny brown parasites moving on its skin. Cats are good at keeping clean and most of the time you will not find fleas on them. When heavily infested, after grooming, you will find that there will be patches of hair loss and it is referred to as military dermatitis by veterinarians. Some other symptoms that you will notice include: crusts and reddening of the skin as well as irritation. This will act as a gateway to other parasites like tapeworms. It is quite easy to tell whether your cat has fleas or not apart from actually seeing them.

When you groom them with a brush on a white surface, you will notice that there will be black flecks and they are referred to as flea dirt. To prevent further attacks by fleas, you need to prevent them from multiplying in your household. A vacuum cleaner will come in handy to clean the house and after that the vacuum bag is sealed to prevent them from jumping back. Outside the house the best remedy is to make sure that we treat cats as they are known to contain fleas. This will also prevent fleas from attacking cats.