Friendliest Friends in the World

There are many friendly toy dog breeds that are there in the world today. Some of them include: the Labrador retriever which is a strongly built athletic dog. It has a short coat that is waterproof, powerful jaws and friendly eyes. It is usually very gentle, intelligent and very adaptable making it one of the most common toy dog breed. The beagle is another breed of dog that falls in this class. It has a dome shaped head, large hazel colored eyes, muscular body and dense bristles of hair that varies from white to black in color. They are easy to tame because of their small size.

Other traits that they possess include good looks, adorable, empathetic and also has a melodious bark. The Yorkshire terrier is also another type of toy dog breeds. It is often decorated with ribbons giving it a lady like glamour. It is also covered by a waterproof coat. Its temperament include alertness, intelligent and brave. The papillon dog is an elegant companion dog that is very adaptable to most situations. With a weight of about 4-4.5kg, it has a small height with tiny small legs. They have a long silky hair that varies from color to color. It is considered to be the most tender and intelligent dog breed. It is also very active and lively and a great companion to have.

For the medium dog breed class, the Irish setter falls in as the first most friendly dog type. It was initially used by Irish to hunt birds. Alongside their hunting skills, they are outgoing and also have a clown-like personalities. They are also energetic and will require frequent exercises. The boxer also falls in this class too. They are said to be patient, protective and also spirited making them ideal to mingle with children. The sweet gentle nature of cavalier King Charles spaniel makes them a trustworthy companion to humans. It is a wonderful pet to keep around the house too.

Historically used for hunting rabbits and hares, the petit basset griffon vendeen dog is a breed of dog that is considered to be very confident, happy and also loud. Their social nature will depend on their upbringing. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is considered to be the perfect household dog. They are very bold and also easy to train. Nicknamed the “the American Gentleman”, the Boston terrier has a tuxedo-like color, gentle posture and also very intelligent hence the name. They are also easy to train and can make good companions as household pets.