Human Food: Toxic for Dogs

There are many human foods that we think might be safe for our dogs, but in fact it isn’t. For example, chocolate is harmful to dogs. What makes chocolate to be toxic to dogs is that they tend to develop a sweet tooth after consumption. The quantity that can be harmful is variable and will depend on the size of the dog and also the quantity consumed. Generally the measure of the amount that can be harmful to pets is 100-200mg/kg.

After excessive consumption, the dog will exhibit symptoms like: excitement, tremors, vomiting and also diarrhea. Since chocolate is made from beans of cacao tree that contains theobromine, this chemical is responsible for the toxic nature of chocolate for dogs. To treat chocolate toxicity it is good that you first know the amount consumed and also the type from there you can then rush your pet to the vet for further assistance. Chocolate covered with raisin is very dangerous. This is because grapes are known to cause kidney failure in dogs and also permanent damage to their kidneys.

There are also some human foods that can be toxic to dogs. You should never feed your dog with avocado. It contains a substance known as persin and is toxic to dogs. If the plant grows nearby it is good that you keep your dog away from it. Alcohol should also not be fed to dogs as it has same effects on dogs and humans, a sip of alcohol will result to vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing among other complications. Keep away onions and garlic from your dog as it can lead to anemia. Some of the symptoms that it will exhibit include weakness, vomiting and dullness.

Other foods that we enjoy that can be harmful to dogs are caffeine rich substances. They include tea, coffee and others. If consumed, the dog will show symptoms like; rapid breathing, restlessness, muscle tremors among many other symptoms. Grapes and raisins are also very toxic to dogs. When ingested, it might result to kidney failure and a symptom like frequent vomiting will be seen. At all cost, keep away grapes and raisins from reach of dogs.

Macadamia nuts also can be toxic whether raw or roasted. They can make a dog ill and will start to exhibit the following: rapid heart rate, vomiting, fever, weakness and other symptoms. This might eventually lead to death. We therefore need to be careful on what we choose to share with our pets. There are many other foods that are harmful to dogs and we should make sure we consult first and take necessary precautions for future purposes.

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