Understanding Cat Love

There is a plant called Cat Grass (Avena sativia) or more frequently, the oat. This name is not frequently used in the non-cat world. This plant is used for cat nutrition, like catnip (Neptia cataria) and is generally related to the ‘cat grass’ group. No one can argue that cats eat grass, it’s just that we don’t always understand why. Some say that they do so to get vitamin B as it is generously available in fresh grass.

Maybe cats eat it to make themselves vomit, if they have eaten something that is dangerous to their health. A few people believe that cats eat it to pass out the fur ball although others say that they in need of fiber nutritional desire. Some also say that cats eat grass as they enjoy it or like to eat it.

No scientific studies justify this claim that cats eat grass for nutritional intake. However it is clear that most of the dogs will eat grass at any time they get a chance and it seems they just enjoy doing so. It is observed in the most of the case that almost all cat-vomit post cat grass ingestion. Cats seem to enjoy eating the grass.

Why do cats knead?

Hence it’s simple to say that kneading is absolutely a sign of a contended cat. They are trying to calm down, and it makes sense that they like softer skin, as this is the way cats mostly try to get relaxed or sleep. There are several reasons that define why cats knead. one of these reasons is a tribal ’leftover ‘character , which they used in the wild to pack down the ground and make a group of hotbed for them to sleep in winter. They can create a furry blanket packed animal.

Cats and dogs are very loveable animals and best to keep at home as pets. Every cat has its own reason for doing kneading. Cats have an essence gland at the bottom of their claws in their paws. This mean that kneading assures that the cat warns to other cats and animal that this is their territory.

Mostly kneading is a major sign of contentment and it confirms that cat is happy. Cat owners must be very pleased to hear that cats mostly use this gesture to say thanks to the owner for his/her love and care and also use this courteous style to show your recognition. This is just one more enjoyable aspect of owning a cat, as pet owners all over the world will definitely agree.