The new Tesla model

There are a lot of electric cars on the market, but few excite the way that the new Telsa models do. These are premium electric cars that are becoming quite popular with celebrities and general consumers.


Battery Life

One of the great things about the Telsa model is that there are different options available. People can buy different types of batteries in order to increase the amount or mileage that they can run on one charge. There are batteries that have top speeds of 120, 125 and 130 miles per hour. The lithium-ion cells batteries for these vehicles are safe and energy efficient.


One thing that people really like about the Telsa model is that this car is really quiet. It’s a rare find to come across a vehicle that is silent, but Telsa has managed to produce a vehicle that isn’t noisy.

The big difference between the new Telsa and lots of other cars is the ability to remain quiet as the car accelerates. Many cars become a lot noisier as the speed increases. This car is a lot different because the noise level does not increase with the increase in car speed.


There are a lot of drivers that really like the Telsa because of the 17 inch LCD screen. This is something that make navigation easier. The big screen map gives a better view of the directions than a smartphone.

Trunk size

The Telsa model has a huge trunk size. The car can actually hold more than several minivans on the market today. Drivers of the Telsa have the ability to let the seats down in order to make more trunk space than people can obtain in the average sedan.



The Telsa models has been getting a lot of attentions primarily because these is the first of the premium electric cars. This is unlike the other electric cars on the market that are designed to be cost effective vehicles. The new model is quite popular, but the downside here is obviously the price. This is a type of vehicle that is observed and reserved for the celebrities. The average driver cannot afford this car. The new model is even more efficient than previous models in concerns to gas mileage, but people typically cannot afford to pay the monthly cost of this vehicle.


Some people may say that the screen in the dashboard is cool. Others that have test driven the Telsa model may think that this is something of a distraction. It also doesn’t leave a lot of room for much of anything else. Many people may find that the console is just a waste of space.

The Telsa is a popular car, but people have to decide if this vehicle will actually find their lifestyle. Some celebrities have fallen for the slick door handles that pop out only when the car needs to be opened. Others may like the design, but some people may have an issue with the price.

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