How To Choose The Right Facial Hair Style For You

So you look in your shaving mirror one day and think “I fancy a change, a new look”. Then you get to wondering which route to choose. a goatee or a full beard. A moustache maybe or side burns or…. Ok, in the words of Douglas Adams-DONT PANIC. There are a huge amount of styles you can choose from but a little thought before hand about your face type and shape will narrow down your choices and help you get the style that will really suit you. And remember, facial hair grows really fast so you can try a style for a few days but if you aren’t sure about it then shave it off and plan your next look. Think of your face as a self renewing blank canvas which allows you experiment. Right lets have a look at different face shapes and see what is possible.

A SQUARE FACE; if you have a square face then a rugged adventurer style look will almost certainly suffice. You have the option of a light, few days growth style beard or a fuller bushy beard. It’s best to keep the sides well trimmed and allow the chin area to grow a little longer. This will add depth and balance to your features. Alternatively a goatee style beard will look great.

A ROUND FACE; similar to the square face a beard longer at the chin will lengthen your features. Probably best to avoid bushy sideburns as they can emphasise the broadness and make your features seem out of proportion.

A LONG FACE; exactly opposite to the first two. Sideburns here are a great look adding width to the face while framing the features. A beard that you allow to grow at the sides while keeping the chin area short helps shorten the face and adds a professorial air. Always a good look.

LARGE FACE; large faces need to have fuller beards and moustaches to keep them in proportion. Follow the guides above for the appropriate shape face.

SMALL FACE; reduce facial hair or you risk losing your features due to proportion of scale. Again follow the guides for the correct face shape.

OVAL SHAPE; this is the ideal shape to grow pretty much whatever you like. Experiment and have fun.