Affordable kayaks, a look at the Sevylor Fiji Inflatable kayak

Affordable kayaksAt 10ft 4 inches long when fully inflated and with an intricately decorated appearance the sevylor Fiji inflatable kayak is an example of beauty and functionality put together. This beauty comes at an affordable price that is usually below 100 bucks making it one of the most affordable kayaks in the market with the second seat being detachable hence it can be removed when not in use.

The triple chambers of air that makes up the kayaks beams ensures that you can continue with your expedition even if one of the beams was to get a puncture from a sharp object making the boat quite a tough beauty. Its seams are taken through RF welding to ensure that they do not tear easily even when under pressure.

It comes with an easy to carry 5 piece paddling oar which has a shaft made of aluminum hence its very light and resistant to corrosion. The paddle is fitted with ribbed blades made of plastic that has a spoon shape to ensure that every stroke of the paddle is efficient. For ease of inflating and deflating the kayak it is fitted with double locking valves and mini double locking valves. Its whole system is made in a very air tight way making it very hard for a leak to occur.

With its light weight it has good handling capabilities despite not being fitted with a skeg, however it’s possible to acquire one and have it fitted into your yak to further improve its control and for good tracking. It is designed to effectively handle category one and two white waters although more experienced paddlers have been known to use it for category three white waters.

Use of kayaks is particularly appropriate for those who are in it for workout sessions. Kayaks help in working out since they push you into expending a lot of energy especially in rough waters. The kayak has been tested and certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to have a carrying capacity of 400 pounds

With its upright posture seat that can be adjusted at users will, the sevylor Fiji inflatable kayak provides a comfortable ride for both users although the rear seat is more suited for kids. It is also fitted with spray blocking covers to ensure that water does not splash all over the pilot. It comes with a simple carrying bag that makes traveling, walking or even hiking with your kayak possible.

The strong 22 gauge Polyvinyl chloride material used to build this kayak makes it strong and tough enough to be used both on calm lakes as well as the rough waters. With the use of a simple foot pump that is provided on purchase of the kayak, you can inflate the vessel to its full length but for those who find this to be tiresome a twelve volt air pump that is electric can also be used. For easier climbing onto the kayak or climbing out of the kayak, the kayak comes with a grabbing line.