Important points to consider when choosing the best fishing kayaks

Important points to consider when choosing the best fishing kayaks
Posted by tonydude in Outdoor Activities On August 23, 2016

Fishing kayaks 2Fishing kayaks are mainly built for fishing activities. While it is true that one can fish from any kayak, an experienced angler would have a different opinion. Recreational kayaks, tour kayaks and other types of kayaks may have some superior qualities such as good handling but will fall short of other important specifications necessary for fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing kayaks are specifically designed with various sorts of little extras to make the fishing expeditions more adventurous while offering maximum safety to the angler. The canoe has spots and dimples where one can attach baitcasting reels and other fishing gear within comfortable arm’s reach. Therefore before making the decision on the best type of fishing kayak to invest in, it is worthy taking the following into keen consideration.

Stability versus speed.

Generally, fishing kayaks are slow movers while on the other hand most sport kayaks were designed for speed lovers. The best fishing kayaks can be easily maneuvered in narrow channels enabling the angler to get to better fishing grounds where fish like to hide. Going for speed would forfeit stability which is very important for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing kayaks are considered more stable and offer ideal stability which is necessary when fishing.

Number of passengers

Fishing kayaks with an extra seat would be an added advantage especially for tandem kayakers. These kayaks will offer enough space for the extra individual without causing any discomfort. It is however important not to exceed the recommended weight stipulated for the vessel.

A Sit-on-Top or a Sit-In kayak

Both sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks can be used for fishing. It is easy to move in a sit-on-top kayak but one can keep warmer while in a sit in kayak. A sit kayak is also ideal for fishing in rough water. The choice of the design of the fishing kayak majorly depends on the fishing environments.

Comfortable seats and back rests

Though fishing is adventurous, it can turn out to be tedious when in the wrong vessel. Investing in adjustable seats and back rests ensures that one stays comfortable the whole time. The seats should be raised high enough to keep the anglers away from the kayak floor.

Storage space

Storage space is equally important for a good fishing kayak. Fishing will require a lot of gear such as baitcasting reels, lures, sinkers, amongst others which need ample storing space. This is without forgetting the space required to store the fish.

Anchor systems

Sometimes fishing requires staying in one place without moving around. This is difficult to do especially on a windy day. Being able to fish in a stationary position helps one to concentrate on one area especially if it is deemed to have a lot of fish. Regardless of the fishing method employed, (blind casting, sight fishing or trolling) an anchor system will enable you to fish systematically while covering the whole area thoroughly.

Safety equipment

Just like other type of kayaks, fishing kayaks need to be fitted with the necessary safety equipment such as reflectors and floaters. The color of the fishing kayak also plays an important role in ensuring safety. Vivid colors are preferable as they can be spotted from a distance.