Kayaking and fishful thinking

When I was young, I enjoyed going out fishing with my grandfather and his friends. At times, it was on their boats and other times we would just go to fish by the riverbanks in a float tube. During that time, I learnt to catch catfish, perch, carp, bass and crappie. I also learnt different techniques, different lures and ways of casting different reels. I became an expert at watching a line.

At that time, I learnt some of the most important lessons that keep me going to date. I have learnt to appreciate nature for its awesome intricacies. I learnt to carry myself and behave appropriately around adults when I was very young. Most of the conversations between the men revolved around fishing stories, sports and war.

It was then that I was introduced to one of the famous books written by the legendary bass anglers, Tom Mann and Tom Carter, titled, ‘Think like a Fish’. In this book, the author talks about the same interesting topics, sports, war and fishing.

It begins by stating that in war, soldiers are trained to think like the enemy. In the same way, sportsmen should think like their opponents. Fishing on the other hand, is a different kind of sport. It is the only sport where the opponent or the prey is invisible. Therefore, if you do not think like the opponent, you cannot outsmart them. If you happen to catch the opponent without thinking, then consider yourself unskilled. You are simply lucky to catch them. In sport fishing, luck is not a word that augers well with the skilled anglers.

I am now an adult and the passion for fishing has remained with me. Every time I go out fishing with my sport pescador 12, I have one goal in mind, to outsmart the opponent. I decided to go for this sport pescador 12 for one main reason; it is the prime vessel for any self-respecting angler. This kayak is fitted with adequate slots, handles and dimples that enables one to carry as much fishing gear as possible.

My happiest moments are always when I am in the waters fishing. I also love going out to kayak with friends. I love to teach my inexperienced friends the intricate tricks of fishing. To do this I usually take the leaners on the tutoring tour on a tandem kayak. On a tandem kayak I am able to properly instruct the learner unlike when the learner is on a separate kayak.

Being on a tandem kayak also helps the beginner to have more confidence than when they are fishing from a kayak all alone. A tandem kayak is also very good for just relaxing in the company of a friend. Many times, tandem kayaking is suggested for people who need to bond together especially couples of working partners or associates.

I intend to use my kayaking passion to bond with my family, just like my grandfather, I want to use kayaking and fishing to build a lasting bond between me and my children.