The importance of psychological health; achieving psychological wellness through kayaking

Psychological health is very important. Many times people tend to focus on physical health and forget that psychological health is also important.

Psychological health is fundamental in the overall wellbeing of an individual. Without a proper psychological state, one might not be able to lead a comfortable life. With an unstable psychological state, one might find it very difficult to attain other joys of life that are brought about by the achievement of other goals.

For example, a person who is mentally stressed might not be able to enjoy the love of a spouse, they are also not able to effectively enjoy the wealth that they might have struggled to attain. Apart from this, persons who are psychologically unwell are likely to develop other serious health conditions including heart complications. People with psychological problems usually have poor social lives too.

In taking care of our psychological health, it is important to give our mental faculties some time to get revitalized every now then. This is especially important for individuals who lead lives that are very demanding mentally. Many people today live lives where their work imposes a huge burden on their mental faculties. This provides immense challenges that often leave them fatigued and stressed. Being exposed to such an environment day in day out can have great negative effects on the individual.

To avoid ending up with burn out, it is therefore vital that one regularly engages in recreational activities that will effectively help one to get re-energized.

For me, one of the best ways that I have come to embrace as a recreational sport is fishing and sea touring. These interests are as a result of my love for boats. In my childhood years, I was fascinated by boats and these activities provided a good platform to enjoy boating. My passion for boating was augmented by a college friend who loved fishing. During our time in college he would often insist that I join him in his fishing escapades.

With the help of his tutelage, I became a pretty good angler. He taught me all the tricks about basic fishing. He taught me the best bait for different types of fish including bait for bass which was his favorite species to fish. He also taught me the best times to fish and the best fishing locations. He also gave me lessons on how to gut and prepare fish for storage.

In our time together, I in turn showed off my skills in boating. We used different types of water vessels when we went out to fish but my favorite was the kayak. We would often go out in a tandem kayak so that I could be able to learn fishing skills better from him. Many times, I would also take him with me on sea tours. I love sea tours for the adventures it offers on the open seas.

We would select some of the best sea touring kayaks and pack some personal effects on them. We would then sail out into the sea and spend many hours enjoying leisurely paddling, viewing marine wildlife, and just enjoying the sun and the cool breeze.

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