When to Seek Help for Dog Shedding

Is your dog shedding? If yes, then obviously you start getting worried about it. And if you are noticing that your dog is shedding, then you have o take a look at on your dog’s diet, whether you are giving him unbalanced diet or it may cause due to some kind of infection. Extreme shedding could make your dog completely bald. If this is the case, try to seek immediate help from a veteran specialist.

There can be two reasons for this shedding problem, one is parasitic and other is non-parasitic. Parasitic may obviously be caused by parasites. Non-parasitic can be caused due to hormonal changes which can be controlled by taking vitamins and healthy diet. Eczema is a sign of a basic disorder which can be caused due to hormonal changes in body due to hair falls and skin gets scaly, in this situation try to give a good diet to your pet and also give supplements and injections which will provide vitamin A and E.

It can also be caused due to allergy and parasitic condition then also consulting your pet’s specialist take proper medications to cure it. Bald spots can be caused to your pet due to skin disease which starts from head and goes till ears, tail, the abdomen, and chest and under the front legs. It also can be shown as red dots for that specialist could provide medication which can be used for bathing.

The second kind of skin disease mostly attack young puppies, caused by mites for which specialist recommend medicines and external treatments to kill the mites, this kind of disease take a longer time period to get rid of and also there is kind of another skin disease in the form of ringworm and kind of red spots which is in ring form and also it causes dryness and moistness in the skin of dogs’ covering head, neck and legs ant it can be treated by oral and anti-fungal shampoos and regular applications of iodine.

To avoid shedding, you need to keep an eye on the symptoms, and properly analyze your pet’s skin on daily basis, and make sure its hygiene. You should take your pet to vet clinic for microscopic analysis by your veteran specialist and by taking their suggestion you can avoid it timely rather worrying about shedding. There are different kind of nutrition intake are available in market which shedding and also specialist can help you out in taking their intake for your pets in their daily diet also they can suggest you more better diet for your pets so that’s why would suggest you to plan proper diet for your pet to cure such shedding problem and also going into deep regarding the major cause of shedding rather giving medicine of your own choice.

Friendliest Friends in the World

There are many friendly toy dog breeds that are there in the world today. Some of them include: the Labrador retriever which is a strongly built athletic dog. It has a short coat that is waterproof, powerful jaws and friendly eyes. It is usually very gentle, intelligent and very adaptable making it one of the most common toy dog breed. The beagle is another breed of dog that falls in this class. It has a dome shaped head, large hazel colored eyes, muscular body and dense bristles of hair that varies from white to black in color. They are easy to tame because of their small size.

Other traits that they possess include good looks, adorable, empathetic and also has a melodious bark. The Yorkshire terrier is also another type of toy dog breeds. It is often decorated with ribbons giving it a lady like glamour. It is also covered by a waterproof coat. Its temperament include alertness, intelligent and brave. The papillon dog is an elegant companion dog that is very adaptable to most situations. With a weight of about 4-4.5kg, it has a small height with tiny small legs. They have a long silky hair that varies from color to color. It is considered to be the most tender and intelligent dog breed. It is also very active and lively and a great companion to have.

For the medium dog breed class, the Irish setter falls in as the first most friendly dog type. It was initially used by Irish to hunt birds. Alongside their hunting skills, they are outgoing and also have a clown-like personalities. They are also energetic and will require frequent exercises. The boxer also falls in this class too. They are said to be patient, protective and also spirited making them ideal to mingle with children. The sweet gentle nature of cavalier King Charles spaniel makes them a trustworthy companion to humans. It is a wonderful pet to keep around the house too.

Historically used for hunting rabbits and hares, the petit basset griffon vendeen dog is a breed of dog that is considered to be very confident, happy and also loud. Their social nature will depend on their upbringing. The Pembroke Welsh corgi is considered to be the perfect household dog. They are very bold and also easy to train. Nicknamed the “the American Gentleman”, the Boston terrier has a tuxedo-like color, gentle posture and also very intelligent hence the name. They are also easy to train and can make good companions as household pets.

Cats: A Flea Trap

Cat distemper is very contagious. However, it cannot be passed to human beings. A cat will contract this virus as soon as it comes into contact with contaminated stool from another infected cat. This virus is very hardy and can still remain in the environment and therefore if we suspect our cats to have died of feline Panleukopenia it is good that we disinfect the whole area before bringing in a new pet cat.

This virus is not airborne and also cannot be transmitted by insects. We can however transmit the virus through contaminated objects and also from our shoes. Cats are known to groom each other and when they virus comes into contact with their fur it can be ingested when the cat preens itself. Most of the kittens have shown to be immune to the virus probably because they still get immunity from the mother’s milk, which helps them quite a lot. When they mature however, they are likely to die from the virus when exposed. This virus is not a threat any more as they is a vaccine that is injected to kittens and they end up developing a natural immunity against the virus.

Fleas are common to both cats and dogs. They are more likely to attack in hot weather season that in cold. When your cat constantly nibbles and licks its fur you will notice that there will be tiny brown parasites moving on its skin. Cats are good at keeping clean and most of the time you will not find fleas on them. When heavily infested, after grooming, you will find that there will be patches of hair loss and it is referred to as military dermatitis by veterinarians. Some other symptoms that you will notice include: crusts and reddening of the skin as well as irritation. This will act as a gateway to other parasites like tapeworms. It is quite easy to tell whether your cat has fleas or not apart from actually seeing them.

When you groom them with a brush on a white surface, you will notice that there will be black flecks and they are referred to as flea dirt. To prevent further attacks by fleas, you need to prevent them from multiplying in your household. A vacuum cleaner will come in handy to clean the house and after that the vacuum bag is sealed to prevent them from jumping back. Outside the house the best remedy is to make sure that we treat cats as they are known to contain fleas. This will also prevent fleas from attacking cats.

The Vice of Vines for Dogs

Grapes and raisins are very toxic to dogs. Symptoms that dogs tend to exhibit after ingestion are; first, the dog will first vomit and then after a couple of hours there will be diarrhea, excessive thirst and also excessive urination. The toxic nature of grapes will result to acute kidney failure. The aftermath of kidney failure will be vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and seizures.

As the effects continue, a time will come when the kidneys will completely fail. The animal will not be able to produce any urine and as a result it tends to develop a foul breathe (urine like breath). After that, it will result to elevated blood pressure and that sends it to a comma. There is no specific type of grapes that are not harmful and for that reason then you need to keep them away from dogs. Studies have not been able to determine what makes grapes harmful but it is believed that mycotoxin may be responsible for the toxic nature of grapes. Immediately you find that your dog has consumed any of the fruits make sure that you report to a vet as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no antidote that can help.

What happens is that the veterinarian will try as much as possible to minimize the toxin from being absorbed by the body. They can induce the dog to vomit and then administer a substance that can prevent further absorption. From there, your dog will then be administered with drugs to help flush out the toxin and also to prevent further absorption. After stabilizing, tests can be carried out so that they can determine the amount of damage that has been done to the kidneys. To avoid all this, make sure that you keep grapes and raisins away from reach of dogs.

There are however health benefits that dogs can derive from fruits. They are a good source of vitamins and some minerals that cannot be found in meat and other foods. A fruit like apple is a good source of potassium, fiber and vitamin c. however, you need to be careful not to give the dog the core or the seeds as they are toxic to them. Bananas are also good source of potassium and carbohydrates but should be given in small quantities. You can also give them blueberries as they can be a source of antioxidants, polyphenols and tannin. Most of the fruits are beneficial to dogs but we need to make sure that they are not toxic before we feed them.

Human Food: Toxic for Dogs

There are many human foods that we think might be safe for our dogs, but in fact it isn’t. For example, chocolate is harmful to dogs. What makes chocolate to be toxic to dogs is that they tend to develop a sweet tooth after consumption. The quantity that can be harmful is variable and will depend on the size of the dog and also the quantity consumed. Generally the measure of the amount that can be harmful to pets is 100-200mg/kg.

After excessive consumption, the dog will exhibit symptoms like: excitement, tremors, vomiting and also diarrhea. Since chocolate is made from beans of cacao tree that contains theobromine, this chemical is responsible for the toxic nature of chocolate for dogs. To treat chocolate toxicity it is good that you first know the amount consumed and also the type from there you can then rush your pet to the vet for further assistance. Chocolate covered with raisin is very dangerous. This is because grapes are known to cause kidney failure in dogs and also permanent damage to their kidneys.

There are also some human foods that can be toxic to dogs. You should never feed your dog with avocado. It contains a substance known as persin and is toxic to dogs. If the plant grows nearby it is good that you keep your dog away from it. Alcohol should also not be fed to dogs as it has same effects on dogs and humans, a sip of alcohol will result to vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing among other complications. Keep away onions and garlic from your dog as it can lead to anemia. Some of the symptoms that it will exhibit include weakness, vomiting and dullness.

Other foods that we enjoy that can be harmful to dogs are caffeine rich substances. They include tea, coffee and others. If consumed, the dog will show symptoms like; rapid breathing, restlessness, muscle tremors among many other symptoms. Grapes and raisins are also very toxic to dogs. When ingested, it might result to kidney failure and a symptom like frequent vomiting will be seen. At all cost, keep away grapes and raisins from reach of dogs.

Macadamia nuts also can be toxic whether raw or roasted. They can make a dog ill and will start to exhibit the following: rapid heart rate, vomiting, fever, weakness and other symptoms. This might eventually lead to death. We therefore need to be careful on what we choose to share with our pets. There are many other foods that are harmful to dogs and we should make sure we consult first and take necessary precautions for future purposes.

Treating K9 Distemper

Canine distemper is a viral disease that can be found among dogs all over the world. It can affect all areas of the dog’s body and can also be fatal. Is it usually transmitted through contact with respiratory secretions. K9 distemper severely depresses pet owners as they know that it is dangerous to a dog’s health. But it is very important to make them exercise for an hour or two, as it makes a good impact on the dog’s mental and physical health.

An animal’s feces eating habit is called Coprophagia. This includes the consumption of feces of other animals or animal’s own stools. It’s perhaps most common among the domestic pet dogs and probably very annoying for the pet owner than it is hazardous to the health of the dog. Frequent checkups are recommended and proper and timely blood and stools tests are very important as it indicates the possible problem way before it becomes a problem for you or your pet. It is a common habit of dogs but if it seems occurring frequently, you must consult a vet on immediate basis. Any health related cause which leads to reduction in nutrients’ absorption, upsets gastrointestinal or the dog’s stool appeal increase, may cause coprophagia.

Some dogs which are forced to live in a congested or restricted place and given poor diet, compels towards stool eating. If the diet of dog consists largely on material which is indigestible, it is highly predicted that your pet would get attracted towards poop eating. Some other causes to increase in stool eating could be diabetes, treatment with particular drugs like steroids, thyroid disease, Cushing’s disease.

Dog’s stool consistency and frequency, diet and a complete physical examination, by your veterinarian is very important to avoid any health disorder in your pet. The least level of testing would be stool testing for parasites. Providing your pet insufficient food, unbalanced diet, poorly digestible food and medical problem which reduces the absorption like deficiencies of digestive enzyme or parasites, may cause malnutrition, mineral and vitamins deficiency which leads to the higher appetite for eating stool.

You should always keep a close eye on the nutrition of your dog and make sure that they consume a healthy diet. If the diet of dog consists largely on material which is indigestible, it is highly predicted that your pet would get attracted towards coprophagia. Some other causes that are known to increase stool eating could be diabetes, treatment with particular drugs like steroids, thyroid disease, and Cushing’s disease. Some dogs that are forced to live in a congested or restricted place and given poor diet, are often also compelled towards stool eating.

How To Choose The Right Facial Hair Style For You

So you look in your shaving mirror one day and think “I fancy a change, a new look”. Then you get to wondering which route to choose. a goatee or a full beard. A moustache maybe or side burns or…. Ok, in the words of Douglas Adams-DONT PANIC. There are a huge amount of styles you can choose from but a little thought before hand about your face type and shape will narrow down your choices and help you get the style that will really suit you. And remember, facial hair grows really fast so you can try a style for a few days but if you aren’t sure about it then shave it off and plan your next look. Think of your face as a self renewing blank canvas which allows you experiment. Right lets have a look at different face shapes and see what is possible.

A SQUARE FACE; if you have a square face then a rugged adventurer style look will almost certainly suffice. You have the option of a light, few days growth style beard or a fuller bushy beard. It’s best to keep the sides well trimmed and allow the chin area to grow a little longer. This will add depth and balance to your features. Alternatively a goatee style beard will look great.

A ROUND FACE; similar to the square face a beard longer at the chin will lengthen your features. Probably best to avoid bushy sideburns as they can emphasise the broadness and make your features seem out of proportion.

A LONG FACE; exactly opposite to the first two. Sideburns here are a great look adding width to the face while framing the features. A beard that you allow to grow at the sides while keeping the chin area short helps shorten the face and adds a professorial air. Always a good look.

LARGE FACE; large faces need to have fuller beards and moustaches to keep them in proportion. Follow the guides above for the appropriate shape face.

SMALL FACE; reduce facial hair or you risk losing your features due to proportion of scale. Again follow the guides for the correct face shape.

OVAL SHAPE; this is the ideal shape to grow pretty much whatever you like. Experiment and have fun.

Harvesting the power of the sun

It’s a big world. Every inch of it gets to see the sun at some point. The big, vibrant, warm, energy giving star closest to earth is the planets source of light and heat. The sun can provide so much more beyond the general needs. These days, people can harvest the sun for a variety of power needs that will decrease the need for man-made electricity. The following are some great ways you can harvest the sun for energy.

Open the shades. One of the simplest ways you can make your home have light is to simply open the shades, or open the windows. There will be no need to run general lighting equipment like lamps or ceiling lights, because the sun will provide all the light you need. Even on a cloudy day, there is bound to have some sun rays squeeze through. This is an excellent, energy efficient way to eliminate the need for electricity and use the sun’s natural, bright rays.

If you are an architect, you can use this same method in designing a home from scratch. When developing designs for a home, you might want to consider adding a skylight in the ceiling, or maybe in the kitchen, or the living room. The natural rays from the run will come into the home, from the ceiling, just as any typical light would. This will brighten things up, without having to rely on electricity.

One of the more popular ways to harvest power from the sun is to use solar panels. Solar panels have been around for many years. With the recent proliferation of eco-conscious consumers, solar panels are now back in the regular vernacular and are more popular than ever. Solar panels will absorb emery from the sun during the day, harvest it, and keep in on standby until you need it.

Typically these solar panels are installed on the roofs of people’s homes or other locations that provide light. If you aren’t interested in slapping solar panels on your roof, you may want to consider external solar panels around your porch lighting, or garden. The sun’s rays will work with the solar panels on small lights and will come on when the night arrives. This will give your home some great looking lights, without the need for any electricity.

Finally, one of the oldest ways to harvest energy from the sun; grow things. When you have a garden, or plant a tree, you are creating something that relies on the sun’s rays for energy. This light will be photosynthesized by plants and they will get greener, grow stronger, and develop fruits and vegetables for you to eat and use as your own personal food energy.

The sun is an incredible source of energy that continues to provide sustenance in our day-to-day lives. Make the right choices for your home and family, and you will be able to harvest the sun’s energy to the fullest.

The new Tesla model

There are a lot of electric cars on the market, but few excite the way that the new Telsa models do. These are premium electric cars that are becoming quite popular with celebrities and general consumers.


Battery Life

One of the great things about the Telsa model is that there are different options available. People can buy different types of batteries in order to increase the amount or mileage that they can run on one charge. There are batteries that have top speeds of 120, 125 and 130 miles per hour. The lithium-ion cells batteries for these vehicles are safe and energy efficient.


One thing that people really like about the Telsa model is that this car is really quiet. It’s a rare find to come across a vehicle that is silent, but Telsa has managed to produce a vehicle that isn’t noisy.

The big difference between the new Telsa and lots of other cars is the ability to remain quiet as the car accelerates. Many cars become a lot noisier as the speed increases. This car is a lot different because the noise level does not increase with the increase in car speed.


There are a lot of drivers that really like the Telsa because of the 17 inch LCD screen. This is something that make navigation easier. The big screen map gives a better view of the directions than a smartphone.

Trunk size

The Telsa model has a huge trunk size. The car can actually hold more than several minivans on the market today. Drivers of the Telsa have the ability to let the seats down in order to make more trunk space than people can obtain in the average sedan.



The Telsa models has been getting a lot of attentions primarily because these is the first of the premium electric cars. This is unlike the other electric cars on the market that are designed to be cost effective vehicles. The new model is quite popular, but the downside here is obviously the price. This is a type of vehicle that is observed and reserved for the celebrities. The average driver cannot afford this car. The new model is even more efficient than previous models in concerns to gas mileage, but people typically cannot afford to pay the monthly cost of this vehicle.


Some people may say that the screen in the dashboard is cool. Others that have test driven the Telsa model may think that this is something of a distraction. It also doesn’t leave a lot of room for much of anything else. Many people may find that the console is just a waste of space.

The Telsa is a popular car, but people have to decide if this vehicle will actually find their lifestyle. Some celebrities have fallen for the slick door handles that pop out only when the car needs to be opened. Others may like the design, but some people may have an issue with the price.

Cool Travel Ideas For The Summer

1.Vieques, Puerto Rico

Vieques, Puerto is a Caribbean tropical island that is different from many other similar islands. The majority of the beaches there are in areas that are undeveloped, so it is less touristy than many places. These beaches are beautiful, clean, and full of natural flora and animals, with waters that are extremely clear and white sands along a beautiful shore.

The bay there is also bioluminescent, which means it glows in the dark. This bay is protected and tourists can’t enter the waters because it could ruin this effect due to chemicals like sunscreen or other skin lotions. However, you can still marvel in this natural and beautiful sight.

2. Waterfalls of South America

There are also many beautiful waterfalls you can go visit in South America. Five of the most spectacular include:

Iguazu Falls. This is located at the Argentina and Brazil borders and is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It can be accessed on either side and is split between the two.
Angel Falls. This is in Venezuela and is the tallest waterfall on Earth. It is 3,212 feet high and the water falls down 2,648 feet to the bottom. It has both a straight shot and a cascading waterfall in it. It’s hard to get to because of its jungle location, but can be flown over in a plane.
Kaieteur Falls. This is in the north area of the country in Guyanaa and is one of the most powerful of the world’s waterfalls. It falls 700 feet as it cascades downward. Many tourists see it every year.
Yumbilla Falls. Yumbilla Falls is in Peru, and is the 5th biggest waterfall on earth. It is 3,000 feet tall and has an interesting tiered plunge to the bottom.
Cuquenan Falls. This is also very high, but isn’t a very strong waterfall. It is the second tallest waterfall in Venezuela and is also in an isolated area so is usually viewed from the air.

3. Toronto

You may be surprised, but Toronto is actually a great place to visit in the summertime – its also conveniently, really close to NYC =), and I can actually bring my great Dane along on vacation for a change. Toronto is the social, entertainment, and monetary capital of Canada. It features more than 120 food specialty vendors, as well as great shopping and lots of outdoor things to do like hiking, boating, freshwater fishing in the great lakes and more. Art lovers enjoy the art galleries and museums too. Plus the hotels are considered a good deal pricewise as they haven’t raised the rates tremendously over the past year or so as of 2013.

These are my destinations for the coming summer, what are yours?